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Top 10 IO Games

by Richard Redmond

There are so many new games made every day, so that you can easily miss the best ones. And because our site is focused on the simple and easy IO games, we'll provide for you the top 10 .io games list on some of the best ones out there.

Doblons IO

10 is the first entry on our list of the best free IO games. You control a boat here and you fire your cannon in order to destroy other boats and collect doblons in order to upgrade your ship.

Braains IO

9 is a team game where you can play as a zombie or human. Your purpose as a zombie is to infect humans and take them on your team, and your mission as a human is to run away from the zombies.

Krew IO

8 is a game where you'll control a boat, and your aim will be to shoot a cannon at enemy boats. It's a really competitive game, and it's really fun as well.

Narwhale IO

7 is an io game where you control a fishlike creature with a pointed beak. And the goal here is to cut other creatures of your kind with the beak. It's really fast paced and you will need to use your reflexes.

Zlap IO

6 is next in line. It's a simple game where you use your club to kill other players in the game. But beware, because the pendulum swings both ways, and other players can kill you as well.

Wormax IO

5 is a game that puts a premium on alertness. Your only job is to not end up running into other worms, and evade the giants that may trap you in circles. If you follow these rules you'll become the biggest worm in the world, and you'll unlock special abilities on your path.

Splix IO

4 is another game in line of our list. Here your mission is to build up the biggest area of your own color. You'll be striving to increase the size of it constantly, but beware, other players may try to take it away from you. Or you can kill yourself by hitting your own colored line.

Slither IO

3 is the game that started it all. You control a small circle and you collect points that will make you stronger. The purpose is to eat other smaller circles than you, in order to become the biggest gun on the game. You also have certain special abilities that you can use in order to "eat" other circles.

Slither IO

2 is the author's personal favorite on the best 10 games list that we have created. In this game you control a snake and you need to cut the path of other snakes. If you do this, they will be destroyed and you can eat their essence in order to grow ever bigger. You have the ability to slither faster at the cost of several points of your strength at a time.

Mope IO


The first place on our list is the game called It's a simple game that you can get good at really quickly. You're a small creature, and you have to eat other creatures of certain colors. You'll have a special ability as well.

These were some of the best IO games in the world. Have fun, and be sure to tell us all about your experiences and opinions of these games in the comments section below!