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New IO Game: Review

by Reiner Winkler

Hordes is a free browser game available as an IO game but compared to other IO games, Hordes is a vastly more complex experience, marking the first MMORPG IO game available. While it's still fairly straightforward and easy to learn, the nuances and changes of Hordes is what made me continue playing it. For those unfamiliar, IO games are just as easy to play as I stated. Gameplay Gameplay Screenshot

By visiting, you'll find yourself at a menu screen. Here, you can choose between four different classes of characters. You can choose to be a Warrior, Mage, Shaman, or Archer. All classes have their own unique abilities and attacks, as well as roles.

If you're unfamiliar with the modern MMO archetype, the classes are easy enough to distinguish. Warriors have a ton of health and charge into the battlefield. Mages provide ranged attacks that cover large areas and inflict opponents with status effects. Shamans provide healing to allies on your team, and Archers can hit opponents from lengthy distances. Once you've decided on a class, you can choose which of the two factions you want to represent.

There's Vanguard and Bloodlust, the two factions engaged in a never ending battle. When you finally spawn in, things can be a bit overwhelming at first. There's a collection of menus on your screen, as well as hundreds of players running around and attacking each other. Luckily, the game is quite simple to pick up and play.

The menus display themselves at the start to familiarize you with them for later use. There's an inventory panel, a character sheet, and a chat box to message other players. You'll also see a health and mana bar in the top left corner for quick reference during battle. The game doesn't quite have an objective, you simply defend your faction against the invading opposition. You start off small and ineffective; low level characters will need some grinding before they're worthwhile. This gives you an ample amount of time to get used to the controls, set up your options, and get a base understanding of the game. You won't feel rushed by a tutorial or withheld from the action. You'll learn quickly just how many enemies you can take on at once. As you run across the battlefield, you'll see enemies of varying sizes and level.

These are both computer controlled and other real-life players. All the times I hopped on to play, the servers were full and busting with activity. You can attack enemies by targeting them and casting a spell or attack. At all times, you can see your list of abilities at the bottom of the screen. Using them is simply, as they are tied to the number keys 1 through 4. If you're ever confused on what an ability does, scrolling your mouse over it provides a wealthy amount of data.

As you defeat enemies, they drop gold and items, which can then be equipped to strengthen your character. As you gain levels and become stronger, you'll find yourself leading charges and picking off low level players one by one. It's a nice cycle of gameplay and reward, and it never gets too difficult to manage. Hordes is a good game, and a solid base for expansion. I don't doubt that we'll see more content appear as time goes on, thanks to the game's popularity and solid framework.

If you're looking for an MMORPG fix, or want to try out a new experience without any hassle, check out Hordes. You can play it right now by visiting