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by Reiner Winkler being the first IO game and the most popular of all is now also well known for having private servers.

But what exactly differentiates them from the original? Are they worth trying?

Many sites such as and claim that they provide a so-called private server and they sure seem like at first glance.

Comparison of and an clone (private server)Example: Agariohere

Comparing to

However, if you take a closer look and compare them you'll see they're actually different. They have a chat, a map at the bottom right and generally feel different when playing.

So what's going on?

After a little bit of research, we came to the conclusion that they're based on a clone of
At some point, someone made a clone of and posted it online for anyone to download.

They claim that the original sometimes suffers from lag and is also closed-source, so game developers can't access and change the code. They wanted to make an open source version for educational purposes and of course, so anyone can add mods with new features.

And it does sound like a great idea! Mods

Not only can you play on any private server but you can also make your own custom servers.

With a little bit of knowledge about coding, just download it from the link below and read the instructions. It works both private and public, so it's also great if you just want to play with your friends.

You can even mod it, simply adjust the values to your liking and write your own mod when you're more experienced, or look out for mods and put them in your game.

Are you eager to make your own? Just click here:

You can also try all kinds of versions of that clone on their wiki page here:

The best Private Servers

Our favorite is because it has all you need for modded There are no lags, it has a chat, a map, and you can even level up.

The only thing that's missing are custom skins, so if you want that too you should visit It requires you to make an account but it features 30 skins and you can upload your own. You also have a feature to find your friends.

And last but not least here is the biggest modded private server with all kinds of different game modes:

Have fun playing and modding! If you find any more great mods or custom servers make sure to post them in the comments.